Introducing my Thermobaby



Maya Quintanilla was born at 6.58am on 12/08/16 weighing 3170g and measuring 51cm long. If you would like to read all about the birth you can read my personal blog here.

Adjusting to life as a mum has definitely been a roller coaster ride and my pregnancy insomnia sure was getting me ready for these sleepless nights! But I am loving every minute and I am so grateful to have my Thermomix by my side.

Every morning I get my porridge started in between feeding and burping.  I also made oat cakes (from the new Vegetarian cookbook) and lactation cookies ( to help my milk supply come in and I’m pretty sure they worked 🙂

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Receiving my Thermomix

As I mentioned in my previous blog about training to become a Thermomix consultant I got the news that my TM5 has arrived during my last day of training. I was so excited!!! If you’re a Thermomix owner then you know the excitement I’m talking about.

I was so excited that my Thermomix had arrived that I went to pick it up from my consultant’s house after I finished training. This is not what normally happens but my consultant had commitments that night so we arranged for me to get my delivery briefing at her house. This delivery briefing is very important and runs you through the basics of how to use your Thermomix. During the briefing you also make the vegetable stock paste from the Basic Cookbook (BCB) together. This is the first thing you make not just because it uses the main functions of the machine but also because the veggie stock paste is in a lot of the main recipes. It’s like liquid gold – it adds so much flavor to your meals! Continue reading

Training to be a Thermomix consultant

I hope you’ve been enjoying this blog series about how I became a Thermomix consultant. If you’ve just joined us you can read my blog post about becoming a consultant here.

So after meeting the requirements of a Thermomix business it was time to start my training. I absolutely love the training that is provided by Thermomix! They really want to set you up to give you your best start in your Thermomix business.

The initial training is covered over 3 x  weekly sessions and includes:

  • Base 1 Training
  • Practical Cooking Training
  • Base 2 Training

This fit in very easily with my full-time job as they also have weekend sessions available and the practical cooking training was held in the evening. Continue reading

Becoming a Thermomix consultant

In my previous blog I wrote about how my Thermomix changed my life. I was unhappy with my full-time job when I went to my first demo and when I heard my consultant talking about how you become a consultant I felt like it was a light bulb moment. A sign from the universe.

A year has passed since I made the decision to become a Thermomix consultant and I am happy to say that I am still in that full-time job. Working as a consultant and sharing my passion for this amazing appliance has helped balance out the negativity in my day job. It has also inspired me to become a Health and Nutrition coach. So while I am studying I am more than happy to keep my full-time job and share the Thermomix love in my spare time.

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