Egg whites


It is so easy to whip perfect egg whites with a Thermomix. The Basic Cookbook whips the egg whites at speed 3.5 for 3 minutes.

But sometimes they don’t work out and the tip to whipping egg whites in your Thermomix is making sure the bowl and blade is completely clean and dry before getting started.

If you have cooked something with fats (butter, oil etc) prior to whipping the egg whites there can be some residue left in the bowl so you want to ensure the bowl is thoroughly clean.

Do you have any more tips to whip egg whites in your Thermomix?

Grain free cinnamon ‘donut’ cupcakes

At the recent Quirky Cooking seminar Jo Whitton gave some tips about baking. When she was talking about egg whites she gave her tip for the Grain free cinnamon ‘donut’ cupcakes. 

She said don’t be tempted to fold the egg whites in the Thermomix bowl. She stressed it was important to carefully fold the egg whites into the mixture in another bowl. And by carefully she meant take your time and slowly fold the egg whites into the mixture. This important tip was the make or break for successful cupcakes. Jo said some people had told her they had tried making this recipe and they hadn’t risen, or they had risen and then collapsed. She asked if they had carefully folded the egg whites which they hadn’t. 

This recipe is really easy to make and I already had all the ingredients in my cupboard. I think the reason I had never made these cupcakes is because there wasn’t a picture in the cookbook. I’m all about the photos! 

So I left the seminar inspired to give them a go and they did not disappoint at all. I’m glad I had this tip and took my time carefully folding the egg whites. My cupcakes came out perfectly and were a hit.  I’ll definitely be making this recipe again!