Princess castle cake

Princess Castle Cake

My eldest daughter turned 5 recently and for her birthday she asked for a Princess Castle Cake.

I made two batches of my favourite vanilla cake recipe from ThermoBliss in a rectangular tin and then two batches in a small round tin.

While the cakes cooled I made a batch of Wilton’s Buttercream and split the batch into three bowls to mix in my gel colours. I covered the cakes with a crumb layer of icing and then got to work with my ice cream cone turrets.

I only needed to melt a small amount of chocolate to cover the waffle cones so I thought I would use the microwave. Even though I microwaved for small amounts of time I ended up burning the chocolate. What a waste of chocolate and time!

So I turned to my trusty Thermomix and used it to temper the chocolate by first grating it and then melting at 50 degrees. The chocolate melted perfectly so I could use my pastry brush to cover the waffle cones and then dip then in the sprinkles.

Torta caprese

IMG_5160The Torta Caprese is the flourless almond cake in the Basic Cookbook and can also be made gluten free. I love how it highlights the milling function of the Thermomix and if you want, you can substitute the almonds with any nuts of your choice, like hazelnuts or macadamia nuts.

This cake is very indulgent and is definitely a crowd pleaser. Bake it in a square tin and cut it into squares if you have a group to feed or bake it in a heart shaped tin for something a bit more romantic like I did back on Valentine’s Day 🙂