School lunches

It’s back to school time or in my case it’s starting school time. My eldest is starting kindy this year so this is our first year of school lunches. So in the lead up to starting school next week we have been making some practice lunches so I can see what she will eat (she goes through a lot of fussy phases).

For inspiration and recipe ideas I explored the Back to School feature in Cookidoo and also checked out all of these blogs and their school lunch posts: Thermobliss, FatMumSlim, BakePlaySmile, TRTLMT, ThermoKitchen, CreateBakeMake.

These ABCD (apple, banana, coconut, date) muffins have been a huge hit! They make a great school snack… and work snack too!

My daughter is obsessed with ham and cheese at the moment so I will make ham and cheese sandwiches, ham and cheese scrolls, ham and cheese pizzas and these yum ham and cheese quinoa muffins.

I definitely want to add some more colours to her yumbox. But with this all being new for her I want to give her what I know she will eat and then add more variety as time goes by. I’m sure seeing her friends eating all different types of foods with help her want to try more things. And I’m definitely making sure I don’t compare our lunchbox to other mums. Especially the picture perfect ones with all the fancy work. We do have some sandwich cutters and cookie cutters and some cute little picks from Daiso which I know will make her lunch more fun!

And fun lunches that are quick and easy is all that is on the menu. And using my Thermomix to make as many freezable items as I can will definitely help with keeping things simple 🙂

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