Princess castle cake

Princess Castle Cake

My eldest daughter turned 5 recently and for her birthday she asked for a Princess Castle Cake.

I made two batches of my favourite vanilla cake recipe from ThermoBliss in a rectangular tin and then two batches in a small round tin.

While the cakes cooled I made a batch of Wilton’s Buttercream and split the batch into three bowls to mix in my gel colours. I covered the cakes with a crumb layer of icing and then got to work with my ice cream cone turrets.

I only needed to melt a small amount of chocolate to cover the waffle cones so I thought I would use the microwave. Even though I microwaved for small amounts of time I ended up burning the chocolate. What a waste of chocolate and time!

So I turned to my trusty Thermomix and used it to temper the chocolate by first grating it and then melting at 50 degrees. The chocolate melted perfectly so I could use my pastry brush to cover the waffle cones and then dip then in the sprinkles.

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