Make Your Own Pantry Basics

I’ve always loved knowing I can make so many pantry basics using my Thermomix. And with the panic buying it was great knowing I could make my own pasta and dairy free milk. But it’s only now during this #isolife that I have really made the most of being able to do to…and also learnt about some new items I hadn’t even thought of. So I decided to make a list with links to the recipes in Cookidoo and The Recipe Community.

Baking Powder
Rice flour
Self Raising Flour
Nut Meal eg almond meal
Icing Sugar
Caster Sugar
Brown Sugar
Vanilla paste
Golden syrup
Condensed Milk
Salted Caramel Sauce
Chocolate Sauce
Magic Chocolate Sauce

Peanut Butter
Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
Cashew Spread
Mixed Seed and Nut Spread
Strawberry Jam

Tomato Pasta Sauce
Tomato sauce
Barbecue Sauce
Tartare Sauce
Worchestire Sauce
Kewpie Mayonnaise

I hope this list has inspired you. The list could really go on and on but all you need to do is search Cookidoo and The Recipe Community to find what you need.

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