Garlic prawns

IMG_6632Garlic prawns have always been a family favourite so I was excited to try the recipe in the new Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families TM5 cookbook.

The sauce mixture is so simple with garlic, parsley, olive oil, tomatoes, veg stock paste, dry white white and oregano but these flavours all come together amazingly.

I followed the variation tip and doubled the recipe to cook more prawns. So instead of cooking the prawns in the simmering basket I could fit more prawns by using the Varoma.

IMG_6633All of this was done in less than 30 minutes which included the extra 5 min cooking time for the extra prawns.

So not only was this recipe really simple to throw together – the flavours were just amazing 🙂

Have you got the new cookbook yet? What have you tried?

Don’t have the new cookbook yet? You can purchase your copy online or contact your consultant xx

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