First Fiesta

We celebrated my baby girl turning one with her First Fiesta! I had so much with this Mexican themed birthday party – the decorations and of course the food!

We love Mexican food so it was lots of fun making so many recipes from Cookidoo. We had a nacho table and a taco bar. For the nachos I made the Nachos with Black Beans and Guacamole.

This recipe is from the US Cookidoo collection and one thing I would change is to chop the garlic in the first step because for some crazy reason the recipe asks for minced garlic. I also chopped the black beans on speed 4 for about 10 seconds once they were cooked to make a bit more of a chunky paste. This recipe is really yum and so easy to make so if you are making them for a party I would suggest making them last. I left them in the oven too long and then had them out on the table too early. But they were still delicious!

The nacho table also had Steamed Corn with Chipotle Mayo and Coriander Salsa. If you haven’t steamed corn in the Varoma yet you need to get onto it. Even just plain corn cobs are a huge hit with the kids!

The taco table was the crowd pleaser. We had hard and soft tacos for guests to choose from and a choice of chicken or beef for their filling. I made Tinga de Pollo (shredded chicken). This is a super easy recipe to make but I did find it a bit watery and would try less tomato next time. I also made the Beef Taco mince which is a TM6 exclusive recipe as it uses the high heat function. I made two batches of this – one spicy and the other not spicy.

To go with the tacos I made Salsa Verde, Pico de Gallo and Guacamole (which I almost forgot to take out of the fridge!). I had also planned to make the Layered Mexican Dip but in the end decided we had enough so I just made the Salsa.

I really enjoyed making all these Mexican inspired recipes. I usually focus more on baking sweet treats for our events so this was a nice change. My mum and sister helped with the dessert table.

But of course I had to bake my daughter’s first birthday cake! This was a lot of fun to make. My new go-to cake recipe is the Brown Sugar Kumara Cake with Wilton’s Buttercream Icing from the Recipe Community. I am much better with fondant than I am with piping icing but I am happy with the end result. It did take a few goes until I found my rhythm and a straight-is line but the lucky thing with this style is it is very forgiving. And hey, it’s a fiesta! Just have fun!

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