Starting your Thermomix biz

Earn your Thermomix TM6

Would you like to earn your Thermomix TM6? You can join the team and start your Thermomix business and earn your TM6. Then once you have earnt it you can start earning commission and start a side hustle or build your Thermomix business. The choice is your how big you build your business. You can read my post about starting your Thermomix biz here.

As a consultant you will also have opportunities to receive incentives. And right now consultants have an amazing incentive. The limited edition black TM6 is coming and it is being offered exclusively to consultants first! Consultants actually have the opportunity to earn the limited edition black TM6 from now until 28 February 2022.

The chance to earn a limited edition black TM6 is exclusive to consultants so you do have to earn your white TM6 first. The time to join the team is now. The best thing is that this means you actually have the opportunity to earn two Thermomix TM6’s!

So what are you waiting for? Contact me here or Thermomix in Australia and start your own Thermomix business today! If you are ready to earn your TM6 you can enter your details here and a team leader will contact you. If you are not already in touch with a consultant you can enter “Natasha Quintanilla” as the consultant who referred you so I can continue to support you.

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