The new TM6 launched in Australia back in July. Around the same time the Thermomix recipe platform Cookidoo also had a re-launch. Changes were made to allow better functionality on the TM6 (there’s a bigger screen on the TM6 for you to access Cookidoo straight from your machine) and also on the app. 

Don’t know what Cookidoo is? It is our online library of more than 50,000 triple tested guided recipes from 15 countries. The Australian collection has over 2,300 and new recipes are added all the time. Some of these are digital collections with around 8-12 recipes like the new Skinnymixers Classics collection and some are cookbooks with over 100 recipes like the Plant to Plate cookbook. 

With Cookidoo you can browse recipes for inspiration and even meal plan and create shopping lists. You can also save recipes in your own folders called Collections. You can try it for free here. You also get a free six month subscription with your TM6 purchase and it’s just $49 to renew annually. 

The Cookidoo home screen is always updated with the latest recipes showing first so you can easily see what’s new. Or you can go straight to searching recipes using the search bar. You can search for more than just ‘chicken’ or ‘pad Thai’ with the search bar. You can search for ingredients you already have in your pantry or fridge by typing the ingredient/s eg zucchini, carrot. You can also search for allergen friendly recipes using tags eg #glutenfree

Once you have your results you can filter them by category eg Main dishes, serving size, total time. You can also increase your results by scrolling down to the Countries filter and adding more countries. If you know more than one language you can select non-English speaking countries or you can use Google translate to help with translating. You can then sort your results by the newest recipes, name or shortest time.

If you are looking for inspiration you can also browse Cookbook Collections instead of searching recipes. Just click on the magnify glass in the search bar and then click on the drop down arrow to select Collections. Then you can browse away or reduce/expand results using the same filters mentioned above.

My favourite part of Cookidoo is getting organised with the meal plan, collections and shopping list. You can add recipes to your weekly planner or even create your own collections (folders). You can create as many collections as you like and name them what you want. You can then access your recipes in your week and in your collections on your TM5/TM6 and use guided cooking.

You can add recipes directly to your shopping list or access it from the week planner. The shopping list will compile all the same ingredients together to tell you how much you need eg how many eggs. Simply tick off the items you don’t need and if you need to add other items you just need to scroll to the bottom and type them there. You can also change the view from category to recipe and remove a recipe here if you need to. Once you have gone through all your items you can then share your shopping list by copy and pasting it into a note or an email (to send to your partner to buy on their way home!)

How excited are you to use Cookidoo? Or if you already have Cookidoo what’s your favourite thing about? I’d also love for you to share your favourite recipe or collection below!

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