The benefits of having a second Bowl, Blade and Lid set

It was my daughter’s christening on the weekend and of course I had to bake her a beautiful cake. I made a red velvet cake with buttercream icing (BCB) and topped it with macarons. The tip to perfect egg whites is having a very clean and dry bowl so it was very handy having my second Bowl, Blade and Lid set to use instead of having to wash and dry my bowl after milling almond meal.

Since I do a lot of baking this is such a great benefit of having a second Bowl, Blade and Lid set. I try to keep one bowl for all my sweets and milling/grinding sugar, nuts and grains. There are lots of other great benefits of having a second BBL set.

The top benefits are:

  • Cater for allergies by keeping one bowl free from sensitive ingredients.
  • Simply swap bowls to reduce cleaning or save time when waiting for ingredients to cool or rest
  • Save time when you need to mill sugar, spices or grains or grate cheese mid recipe
  • Keep one bowl for sweet dishes and one for savoury meals like curries
  • And if you’re thinking about becoming a consultant you can keep one sparkly and clean ready to go for your cooking experiences.

You can purchase your second BBL set at a discounted price when you host a cooking experience before 15 March 2017. And if there is a purchase at your cooking experience then you get even more discount. This is perfect if you host and purchase your Thermomix at your cooking experience 🙂 Click here to view the TM5 host reward flyer.  If you own a TM31 and want your second BBL set click here.

Contact me for more info if you are in the Perth metro area or contact Thermomix in Australia here.

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