Sticky date pudding

The sticky date pudding recipe in the Basic Cookbook is the perfect treat to make on these cold winter nights.

It’s so quick and easy to make with your Thermomix and one of the tips is to make individual steamed puddings instead of baking in a loaf tin.

That’s right, you can make steamed sticky date pudding cupcakes using your Varoma! So if you are one of those people not using your Varoma I’m sure this variation will change that 😉

When making individual steamed puddings make sure you use silicone cupcake moulds and only fill them up half way as they will rise.

Place them into the Varoma dish and onto the tray. I managed to fit in 18 moulds and didn’t need to cook in batches 🙂

Vitality truffles


I love this recipe for Vitality Truffles in the Basic Cookbook. Made with dried apricots, pitted dates, hazelnuts, rolled oats, dried figs and raisins they are extra tasty and make a great snack.

The most time consuming part about making these great little treats is soaking the dried apricots in warm water. The hardest part would be rolling the mix into balls but the effort put into soaking the apricots is all worth it because it makes the mix super easy to roll!

You can roll them in sesame seeds, cacao powder or whatever takes your fancy. And because they taste as good as they look they make a great gift as well xx