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I was recently asked for tips about managing being a Thermomix consultant around a full time job. I have written blog posts about becoming a consultant, the training and the perks but I haven’t shared my experience as a consultant while working full time. And with an exciting limited time offer to join the team and earn your Thermomix I thought it was time I shared my tips with you all.

I’m on maternity leave from my full time job and after working through my postnatal depression have loved stepping back into my Thermomix business. So now I am managing being a consultant around being a mama – and that is a full time job! So whether you are working full time or are a full time mama this blog is for you!

My Thermomix business brings so much fun and positivity into my life. Who doesn’t love eating great food? It’s so great being a part of helping people improve their lives through simplified cooking, improving their health and having more time for what matters. This used to balance out the negative parts of my full time job and now as a mama, it gets me out of the house and talking  to adults (no more  baby talk!).  So here’s my top five tips of your Thermomix business.

My #1 tip is know your why. Why do you want to be a consultant? Is it for financial freedom? To save money for a holiday? To get your Thermomix in your kitchen? To meet like minded people? To help people improve their lives? There are countless reasons why you would want to be a consultant and the only reason that matters is your big why. Starting your own business isn’t easy. It is a huge personal growth rollercoaster. You have to step outside of your comfort zone. Meeting new people, putting yourself out there, asking for the sale, fear of failure, even fear of success. Yes this is a thing! I had to work through this last year. Knowing your why helps you work through your personal development.

Tip #2 is to plan ahead. Look at your weekly and monthly commitments. When are your non-negotiable times? Family time, special events, sport commitments, or even just down time. Set all of this in stone so you can then work out your availability for Cooking Experiences, deliveries, cooking classes and meetings. Working backwards like this will help you create boundaries. When you start you will want to book as many Cooking Experiences as possible and that is great. But if they affect your previous commitments or you find you over-extend yourself then you may feel burn out. And as an introvert I learnt the best thing to prevent burn out was to honour myself after a Cooking Experience or event. Introverts gain their energy from within themselves. So a nice relaxing bath was my favourite thing to do after a demo.

A great tip I learned in training about planning was to book your cooking experiences every second week and use the alternate week for deliveries, admin and working on other parts of your business. Last week I had a cooking experience and two events. This week I have my follow ups and a delivery. I have also been lucky that I have been able to take Maya with me to my last few deliveries.

Tip #3 is all about preparation. While working full time I did most demos on the weekend or even after work on Thursday/Fridays. If it was straight after work I would prep or bring the ingredients to work (we had a seperate kitchen which was handy) and prep after work. I would also bring myself something to eat for a super early dinner and eat that at my desk (of course this would depend on your workplace/role). The new Cooking Experience is a lot easier to prep for than the previous demos which is great juggling this with mama duties. As with most things in mum life prep is easiest when baby is sleeping. And to make things easier when you start as a consultant you are given a packing list so you know what ingredients you need to provide 🙂

Tip #4 is networking. Networking was a word I used to hate. I think that ties to my introvert personality and finding crowds drained my energy. But now I love it. I attended two events on the weekend and had a great time. So my tip with networking is to be open to all possibilities. With every encounter I always remind myself there are several outcomes of success such as booking a demo, making a sale, signing up a recruit and picking up a customer who doesn’t have a consultant anymore. They can be your biggest advocates because they may not have had the best customer service so they will love your help and rave to their friends and family about you.

Tip #5 is support. Build your support system to help you build your business. Talk to your family and friends about what you want for your business. Talk to your team about your wins and losses. If you have a partner, talk to them about your plans and ensure you are both on the same page. Building a business has it challenges but it also has amazing rewards. I attended the local farmers market on the weekend and my lovely hubby walked down with our baby girl when she was due for her feed. As a breastfeeding mama being away from my baby takes a bit more planning if I need to express (we don’t have much of a freezer stash anymore) so to be away from her and still get to feed he was really special for me.

And as I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post one of the rewards of starting your biz could be earning your Thermomix. Thermomix in Australia have a limited time offer (Turbo Bonus Payments) where you can earn your Thermomix with just 4 sales within your first 60 days when you start your business before 30 June 2017!

The following payment options are available to be eligible for this offer:

  • One single payment
  • Easy 3
  • Current Interest Free offer (t&c apply)
  • 24 months interest free finance that includes a 3 month no interest and no repayment period (t&c apply)

If you would like to know more about any of these payment options email me at The turbo bonus payment is intended to cover the cost of the Thermomix and contribute towards any fees and charges incurred in purchasing the Thermomix. You can view the flyer here.

If you have any more questions about starting your Thermomix business please contact me. I would love for you to join my team. Even if you are not in my physical team (it’s refreshing that you join your local team and attend your local meetings and events) you will still receive support from me. I am studying to be a certified Wellness coach and would love to be able to put my coaching skills to good use and help you reach your goals! So what are you waiting for? Contact me here or Thermomix in Australia and start your own Thermomix business today!

Introducing solids 

Maya is six months old and a couple of weeks ago we started introducing solids. In my previous blog post I wrote about my experience with postnatal depression and how my Thermomix saved me in the kitchen.

When Maya was 4 months old it was time to start thinking about introducing solids and I felt overwhelmed. As a first time mum every new step is a step into the unknown. I read the books, listened to the health professionals and attended a couple of workshops. We made the decision to wait until Maya could sit up and she was showing an interest in what we were eating before we would start feeding her puree. This started happening at around 5 months but I still wasn’t ready. It just felt like one more thing to do!

Thermomix cooking for baby and toddler cookbookThen I pulled out the Cooking for your Baby and Toddler cookbook and read through the beginning and it didn’t feel so overwhelming anymore. The book into divided into the following sections:

  • Feeding your Child
  • Getting Started
  • First Foods (around 6 months)
  • More Tastes and Textures (6-9 months)
  • A Well Rounded Diet (10-12 months)
  • Toddlers
  • Family Meals

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Introducing the new Cooking Experience

The new Thermomix cooking experience is here and it’s so exciting! And that’s because it really is an experience.

You design your menu to experience the functions that will save you time in the kitchen.

You invite two guests to experience the fun and happiness cooking with friends can give.

You each throw on an apron to experience how you can cook with ease.

You all enjoy fresh fast food to experience the motivation and empowerment Thermomix can bring to your lives.

You can experience all of this in just 90 minutes in the comfort of your own home. You can book your experience in now.  Continue reading

The benefits of having a second Bowl, Blade and Lid set

It was my daughter’s christening on the weekend and of course I had to bake her a beautiful cake. I made a red velvet cake with buttercream icing (BCB) and topped it with macarons. The tip to perfect egg whites is having a very clean and dry bowl so it was very handy having my second Bowl, Blade and Lid set to use instead of having to wash and dry my bowl after milling almond meal.

Since I do a lot of baking this is such a great benefit of having a second Bowl, Blade and Lid set. I try to keep one bowl for all my sweets and milling/grinding sugar, nuts and grains. There are lots of other great benefits of having a second BBL set.

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How my Thermomix helped my postnatal depression 

I sent my monthly newsletter to my Thermotash tribe last week and I shared with them something really raw and personal. I shared my struggle with postnatal depression.

My little one is 5 months now and every day is a joy but two months ago I finally admitted something I had been in denial about for a very long time. I had postnatal depression. I loved my baby but the various issues we had had to overcome, the soul sucking sleep deprivation and the grief I felt losing my old identity had all built up leaving me in a dark place.

Since her birth I couldn’t be bothered eating. I struggled making decisions, especially if it was about meals. I had zero interest cooking in the kitchen. If I wasn’t breastfeeding I would have cared even less about myself.

But I was breastfeeding. I had my little baby relying on me for nourishment so after leaning on my hubby and family for meals in the early days and weeks it was time for me to get back into the kitchen. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to do it without my Thermomix.

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Introducing my Thermobaby



Maya Quintanilla was born at 6.58am on 12/08/16 weighing 3170g and measuring 51cm long. If you would like to read all about the birth you can read my personal blog here.

Adjusting to life as a mum has definitely been a roller coaster ride and my pregnancy insomnia sure was getting me ready for these sleepless nights! But I am loving every minute and I am so grateful to have my Thermomix by my side.

Every morning I get my porridge started in between feeding and burping.  I also made oat cakes (from the new Vegetarian cookbook) and lactation cookies ( to help my milk supply come in and I’m pretty sure they worked 🙂

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ThermoCat loves the new Thermo-Travel Bundle Offer

ThermoCat_ThermoTravelThermoCat is so excited about the new Thermo-Travel bundle purchase offer that was announced today.

Customers can purchase their Thermomix for $2089 or you can take advantage of this new Thermo-Travel bundle for $2229 (save over $70).

The Thermo-Travel bundle includes the kitchen toolkit and the black carry bag which will make travelling with your Thermomix a breeze.

ThermoCat loves the Kitchen Toolkit because it has everything you need to help you create everyday surprises in your kitchen, or when travelling.

The Kitchen Toolkit includes:
kitchen scissors
brunch knife
fruit scoop
paring knives (pointed and classic)

ThermoCatTMXBagThermoCat also loves how comfy the Thermomix black carry bag is!

And not only is it a perfect fit for ThermoCat but it is also a perfectly made for your TM5 and features compartments for the spatula, butterfly and Varoma 🙂

This offer is available from 9-29 August 2016 and to make this offer even better host rewards still apply.

This means that if you host a qualifying demo before 29 August and purchase your Thermo-Travel bundle at your demo you will also receive the exclusive bonus host reward, the 2.5L Oval ThermoServer, and the standard host reward, the 2.6L Round ThermoServer. How amazing is that?!

If you have any questions contact your consultant. If you’re in the Perth metro area you can contact me and if you don’t have a consultant head to the Thermomix in Australia website.



Sugar and Spice Baby Shower

My baby shower was held last weekend and the theme was Sugar and Spice (and Everything Nice cos that’s what little girls are made of).

I couldn’t help myself and had to make some of the treats for the celebration. The rest was made by my mum, my sister and my friend. They did such a great job!

I made the Curried Almonds from the Cooking for Me and You recipe chip and the Cinnamon Donut Cupcakes from the Quirky Cooking cookbook. That was it for my ‘spice’ and everything else I made was all ‘sugar’!

img_0493I also made sugar cookies and used my onesie cookie cutter to match the baby theme. I love this sugar cookie recipe from the Recipe Community. The sugar glaze was the recipe in the Basic Cookbook and I just added pink food colouring powder 🙂

img_0496One of the show stoppers were these Red Velvet mini cupcakes. A colleague actually converted a recipe and replaced the red food colouring with beetroot and raspberries. You can find the recipe on her blog here.

But for the frosting I needed something a bit more stable to pipe with so I converted this recipe and it worked a treat. For the Thermomix conversion I melted the white chocolate for 5min/50C/speed 2. I switched bowls and mixed the cream cheese and butter for 20 sec/speed 5 and then added in the lukewarm chocolate. I then added in the icing sugar gradually on speed 4 and the frosting was done. I spooned it into my Thermomix piping bag (which I am so in love with) and piped my swirls on the cupcakes.

img_0058And the final delight I made was macarons. It was my first time making them since pre-Thermie days and back then it had been a disaster. I found this recipe online by googling ‘Thermomix macarons’ and even read through all the comments which had some handy tips. This recipe is super easy to follow and it is important to keep the macaron shells smalls when you first pipe them out. My trial batch had some mixed sizes and the smaller ones were perfect.

For the ganache filling I found this recipe, again thanks to Google. I was a bit hesitant to try it because of the olive oil but it came out perfectly in the end and you couldn’t even taste the oil.


I was  tired after making all of these great recipes. Being 35 weeks pregnant will do that. But there is no way I would have even attempted to make so much if I didn’t have a Thermomix. And a big oven!

ThermoCat loves the June bonuses

ThermoCat is so excited about the June bonuses you can receive if you  host a demo and purchase your Thermomix before 30 June 2016.

Thermomix in Australia announced the best-selling Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families cookbook and recipe chip is our gift to you when you purchase your Thermomix between 21 June and 30 June 2016. Click here to read the info flyer.

This cookbook is full of so many amazing recipes and with the recipe chip you can add the recipes to your My Thermomix Recipe Platform.

This offer is available with the current BBL host reward AND standard host rewards which means that if you host a qualifying demo and purchase at your demo you will receive your Thermomix, the Basic Cookbook and recipe chip, the Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families cookbook and recipe chip, the 2.6L ThermoServer and your second Bowl, Blade and Lid set (at a special value price). How amazing is that?!

And don’t forget 24 months interest free is still on so you could receive all of this for less than $25 a week!

If you have any questions contact your consultant. If you’re in the Perth metro area you can contact me and if you don’t have a consultant head to the Thermomix in Australia website.


Drip cake with buttercream and meringues









My niece turned 1 yesterday and to celebrate her first birthday I made this drip cake with buttercream and meringues.

To start I made two batches of butter cake. The recipe from the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cookbook has always been my go to recipe. You can find my converted recipe here which I used to make an ombre cake.

Once the two cakes were cooked and were cooling down I made the meringues from the Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families recipe chip. To create a watercolour effect I painted some pink food colouring on the inside of the piping bag before pouring the meringue mixture into the bag.

Then I piped my meringues and it was so great to be able to easily change nozzle using the new Thermomix piping bag set. I am so in love with this piping bag set. You can purchase yours online here or contact your consultant.

Once the meringues were in the oven I made the buttercream recipe from the Basic Cookbook. I just love how quick and easy it is to whip up!

I used the buttercream to assemble the two cakes together and then to cover the whole cake.

After smoothing the buttercream it was time to pop the cake in the fridge and get the ganache ready. I still had some white chocolate ganache in the freezer which I warmed up in the Thermomix. I had converted the Planet Cake ganache recipe and you can find that here.

Once the ganache was warm enough I poured it into a bowl and added pink colouring until I achieved my desired colour.

Then I took the cake out of the fridge and poured a small amount of ganache on the top. I spread this to the edge and then using my piping bag I piped small amounts on the edge to enhance the drip effect. It is important to work quickly at this stage as the ganache sets almost straight away on a cold cake.

Once the ganache was set it was time to add the meringues and the final touches 🙂