Squeezing lemon juice

TMX PIC TIPS_Lemon juice

I just love how Vorwerk thought of everything when they designed the Thermomix!

Did you know you can use your spatula to squeeze lemon juice onto the lid?

With the MC in place it will catch the pips and allow the lemon juice to run in.

How does it do this? It was designed with a tapered base so that it allows steam out AND you can pour liquid in 🙂

Spatula Care

TMX TIPS_Spatula

It can be quite easy to get nicks and cuts along your spatula. Especially if you are scraping the food in the bowl in an anti-clockwise motion. This causes the spatula to come into contact with the sharp side of the blade.

To avoid nicks and cuts along your spatula:

  • always use your spatula in a clockwise motion
  • only make contact with the blunt side of the blade