Chocolate Fondant

This recipe for Chocolate Fondants could be dangerous. The total time it makes from start to finish is 30 minutes!

Great for when you need to satisfy that sweet tooth with a warm dessert but not so great for the waist line šŸ™

All you need is butter, dark chocolate, eggs, raw sugar and plain flour. They’re all pretty much staples in any kitchen.

It was my first time actually making fondants. I think I always thought it was more complicated than what it actually is.

The test to check if the fondants are cooked is to lightly press with your thumb. They should have a moist but firm crust. The ultimate test is when you cut them open and the molten chocolate just oozes out. Perfection šŸ™‚

You can serve them with ice cream or cream, or just on their own. Sometimes simplicity is best.

You can find the recipe in the new Everyday Cooking for Thermomix Families TM5 cookbook and recipe chip.

Contact your consultant or buy your copy onlineĀ here.

Sticky date pudding

The sticky date pudding recipe in the Basic Cookbook is the perfect treat to make on these cold winter nights.

It’s so quick and easy to make with your Thermomix and one of the tips is to make individual steamed puddings instead of baking in a loaf tin.

That’s right, you can make steamed sticky date pudding cupcakes using your Varoma! So if you are one of those people not using your Varoma I’m sure this variation will change that šŸ˜‰

When making individual steamed puddings make sure you use silicone cupcake moulds and only fill them up half way as they will rise.

Place them into the Varoma dish and onto the tray. I managed to fit in 18 moulds and didn’t need to cook in batches šŸ™‚



It was my mum’s birthday yesterday so I decided to make her favourite dessert, Tiramisu.

I used the recipe in the Basic Cookbook and followed the variation to substituteĀ 50g of the coffee with 50g liqueur or brandy. I used Sailor Jerry spiced rum which is a favourite in our household and I think it really added another level to this classic dessert šŸ™‚

Next time I will plan ahead and make the mascarpone cheese following this recipe from the Recipe Community.