Spiced pumpkin cupcakes

IMG_8731I was flicking through the Cooking for Me and You cookbook and came across the recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Mini-Loaves with Cream Cheese Frosting. I had to use this recipe for Halloween!

I followed the recipe on the recipe chip but instead of baking in mini loaf trays I baked them in a cupcake tray. This recipe made 12 cupcakes.

While waiting for the cupcakes to bake I pulled out my orange fondant (leftover from making a safari cake for my nephew) and rolled out a palm sized amount. I used the pumpkin mini cookie cutter from my Halloween set and cut pumpkin shapes out of my fondant. I left the pumpkin shapes out to harden a bit and then I made the cream cheese frosting from the recipe.


After the cupcakes had cooled I iced them with the frosting which I had waiting in the fridge and then I topped each cupcake with a fondant pumpkin topper. So easy! And aside from the toppings they make a great savoury break from all the usual sweet Halloween treats 🙂

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Slow-cooked Mexican Beef

IMG_4919The Slow-Cooked Mexican Beef recipe from the Cooking for Me and You cookbook makes more than enough for a family dinner or to have plenty of leftovers for lunch.

The first step is making the Mexican spice mix and it makes a large quantity so you can use it in other meals or skip making the spice mix the next time you make this recipe again.

The slow-cooked beef is simple to throw together and then left to cook for 60 minutes. Peanut butter is added after this stage and really adds to the flavour.


The final step is making the green chilli salsa. The list of ingredients is long and there’s quite a few steps involved but it is so worth it! The green chilli salsa really completes this dish.

This meal is served with tortillas which you can make from scratch beforehand. Click the link here to search the tortilla recipes on the Recipe Community. You can also make guacamole from the Basic Cookbook to serve with this meal 🙂

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Recipe chips

Did you know that the TM5 recipe chips are magnetic?

A great place to store your chips is on your fridge. So not only are they easy to access but they look great on your fridge too!

Only have the Basic Cookbook recipe chip? Ask your consultant about Cooking for Me and You. You can buy the chip on its own or get the cookbook as well in a bundle.

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Want more recipe chips?

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Two more will be released by the end of the year. How exciting!

Chicken broth with angel hair pasta


 I felt like I was coming down with something this weekend and when I woke up this morning I knew I was sick. I have a throat infection so while I still have my appetite I also have a sore throat which limits my food choices.

So I thought I would finally try the Traditional Chicken Broth with Angel Hair Pasta from the Cooking for Me and You cookbook. Nothing soothes like a warm nourishing bowl of soup and this recipe was just what the doctor ordered 🙂

Any small cuts of chicken on the bone can be used in this recipe and any leftover broth can be used in risotto recipes in place of stock paste and water.

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Breakfast bars


 These breakfast bars from the Cooking for me and you cookbook are a great option to grab for a breakfast on-the-go or even as a pre-prepared snack.

Mixed within 10min, baked in 30min these bars are not only easy to make but also provide a great energy boost with essential fatty acids, complex carbs, protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre. And did I add how yummy they are!

Cooking for me and you is available as a cookbook only or in a bundle with the recipe chip and can be purchased here.

Chocolate zucchini muffins

IMG_4962I love this recipe from the Cooking for me and you cookbook.

As a ‘recovering fussy eater’ I know I don’t hate zucchini anymore but I still struggle to like it. The less I see it the better lol! This recipe blends zucchini into the chocolate batter so I get to have my cake and eat it too 🙂

The recipe is for mini loaves but I doubled it (and added 20% to the cooking time) and was able to make 12 muffins and 24 mini muffins.